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"Taking care of a baby is hard."

Thomas' Sodor Adventures Episode 2- Baby Thomas

Thomas' Sodor Adventures Episode 2- Baby Thomas

Originally aired on Youtube on September 6, 2013.

Baby Thomas is the second episode of Season 1.


Percy and James are cross with Thomas saying he's spending too much time with his new girlfriend, Rosie, rather then with them. But they get their comeuppance when Thomas is turned into a baby.






Kevin(first appearance)

Emily(first appearance)

Sir Topham Hatt

Bertie(first appearance)

Harvey(first appearance)


Trivia Edit

-The Wilhem Scream is heard in this episode.

-Achmed the Dead Terriost's famous "Silence I kill you", is said by Thomas.

-Originally, Rosie was going to see Thomas as a baby.

-Originally, Episode was going to be based off of the Homestar Runner cartoon "Strong Bad goes to Jail" with the first appearances of Diesel 10, Duncan, Paxton, Emily, and Duck.

-Toby was originally going to accidently scare Thomas.

-There was to be a chase sequence.

-Orginally, Percy would jump a cliff to reach Thomas.